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Foodographic Memories

Growing my own small garden and cooking in my home's kitchen are two of my greatest joys.  Over the years, I've combined my love of photography with my love of food.  My family enjoys elaborate meals on a weekly basis, and I'm lucky that they are adventurous eaters.  After years of trying out and designing recipes, I took a few cooking classes and attended lessons to improve my knife skills.  This extra experience gave me the confidence to try out for the Fox reality cooking show MasterChef three times.  I was thrilled to meet both Chef Gordon Ramsay and chef Joe Bastianich during the audition experience, and the opportunity to taste some amazing food from fellow contestants.  I continue to try new recipes each week, as well as new cooking techniques and spices.  Taking pictures of my food is a natural part of this artform, and I love to share what I've created.

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