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Homecoming Portrait Special

In the midst of all the preparation for a high school dance, every parent wants a great picture of their children looking their best. Students want high-quality portraits of themselves with dates or best friends, images they can proudly share on social media. Wouldn't it be nice to leave it to a professional to get all the shots, and have a beautiful gallery delivered to your inbox, all while supporting a local woman-run small business?

This year I'm offering a Homecoming Special, with options for couples, small groups, and larger groups. The 60-90 minute shoot will include individual portraits of each student with and without their date, and as an entire group. Smaller groups may include "getting ready" shots before the formals. Parents are also encouraged to take photos with their dressed-up kids! In a week or less, I will email a gallery of edited, expertly curated images available for immediate download. All images are yours to distribute, both digitally and in print form. Pricing for groups is based on the number of students, and each family may pay individually via Paypal or Venmo.

Up to 9 people - $250 flat rate

10 or more people - $25 each

Please get in touch to ask any questions or get more info, and I can't wait to meet you all!

Below, enjoy a small gallery of my favorite images from a recent prom shoot.

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