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the Important Questions

A lot of people haven't heard of a photography popup event, so today, I'll answer some commonly asked questions. If yours didn't make my list, feel free to send a question through the Contact tab, and I'll happily reply.

What's a popup? Is there popcorn?

All sorts of businesses have pop up events, from record stores to makeup artists to dining experiences. Popups are unique in that they "pop up" in a place that they wouldn't normally be, like at an event or in a different city. They're exciting because it's only there for a limited time and there's usually a promotion involved. This means you get the opportunity to learn about small companies AND get a great deal.

In the case of my photography popup event, it means I've got a great special to offer to those in town for Family Week! My photo package includes a 25 minute shoot on the beach, access to proofs in an online password-protected album within 14 days, and 10 digital files of your choosing. Regularly a $250 value, I'm offering this package for $175, only during Family Week.

And maybe there will be popcorn. You never know. :)

What is a shoot like?

Having been a nanny, kindergarten teacher, and kids photographer for 13 + years, I tell all my clients, "I shoot fast!" Often, parents can't believe how many great shots I'm able to capture in a short time, because I understand a child's need to move around and feel comfortable in order to capture their genuine expressions.

During our shoot, I will guide you through a number of poses in different settings. If there are any objects you'd like to have photographed (grandmother's necklace, baby wrapped in a handmade quilt, toddler with their favorite stuffed friend, etc), I will ensure we include them. Working efficiently, I will take a variety of portraits and make sure you feel comfortable each step of the way.

How many proofs will I see?

Long answer, every shoot differs. There is no maximum for the number of proofs I will provide. I want you to have a wide selection to choose from, so I will edit and present all usable photographs. My signature style includes black and white photos, and the proofs will be be a mixture of b/w and color shots.

Short answer, the typical 25 minute shoot yields anywhere from 50-90 proofs.

How will I look at my proofs?

Within 14 days of the shoot, you'll receive an email from me with a link to my website. If you've chosen to password protect your gallery, I will provide the password along with the link. You'll be able to see your beautiful images on my site for up to one year, and you may share the link online. Each of the images will be watermarked with my logo to protect my intellectual work.

How do I choose/receive files?

Once you've had a chance to enjoy your gallery and are ready to make your selection, just let me know the photo numbers of your choices. I will send these (un-watermarked) files to you via email or dropbox. These will be your images to share as you like. I know you'll love them, so send them far and wide!

What about extra files? Do you offer prints?

If you've fallen in love with more images than your photo package includes, you're welcome to purchase additional files for $15 each. I work with a high-quality printer and offer prints from wallet to wall size. Additional photo gifts and hand-curated albums are also available.

What if I want ALL the photos?

The complete gallery of photos from the entire shoot is available for an additional $250 flat rate. I will deliver the entire album (without watermarks) via email or dropbox, and you may print/share them at your pleasure. A number of families find they can't choose just a few, so this is a great option if you'd like all the full set.

How do I book a session?

Just send me a note through the Contact tab! This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions, so please feel free to get in touch!

I hope this FAQ has been helpful - looking forward to meeting you at the popup!

Family Week 2019 Special

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