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Oh My Gourd.

When I arrived at the hospital in labor, the late September air was muggy and sticky, a reminder that autumn arrives late in Virginia. Two days later, I emerged from the hospital's side door literally squinting my eyes at a world that was completely different. Like the universe wanted to acknowledge my transformation, autumn had arrived during the 48 hours I'd been safely nestled in the cozy hospital, learning my new baby girl. The air was fresh and cool in a way that seemed to say, "You, too, are emerging anew." Even the light seemed different, and I reminded myself that it was October 1, the start of my very favorite month, because the light takes on a golden tinge that makes me want to photograph everything in sight.

Last October was all naps and heating pads and doctor appointments and slow healing. Lyra thrived and charmed everyone with her alert gazes. We all fell in love. What didn't I do, besides dishes or much standing? I didn't decorate for my favorite holiday.

So this year, I wanted my newly-turned 1-year-old to experience some of the fall fun, but her hobbies currently include: throwing things over her shoulder, taking the dog's bone away, and reaching for sharp/heavy/hot items. She thinks pumpkins are drums and hay bales are a snack, so my options were limited. The solution was a family pumpkin carving session on the balcony, with me in Mom-tographer mode. Enjoy some of these shots while I go clean pumpkin guts off my camera.

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